Mark has over 25 years of experience working as a studio and live sound engineer and music producer. Over this time he has worked with a huge range of musicians and organisations covering a wide range of styles from folk and jazz though pop, rock & classical music. He is co owner of the Edinburgh recording studio The Sonic Lodge as well as a smaller studio in his home town of Helensburgh on the west coast of Scotland. With his background in acoustics and technical aspects of sound engineering, Mark brings all of his years of experience with recording, mixing and mastering to every project, while always keeping the importance of good music and bringing the best out of performers at the forefront.

His reputation has put him at the top of many peoples list when they are doing creative or unusual recording projects. In addition to studio recording mixing and mastering Mark also has a complete mobile recording setup and is able to do mulitrack live recordings of up to 32 simultaneous inputs.

If you are looking for a producer, recording engineer or mastering engineer with years of experience and a great range of equipment including microphones, hardware and software processing and top quality studio monitoring then get in touch via the contact page.